Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 11

r Marriage Alive ?

trying to figure out how to get the bills paid . You find yourselves having to start looking at ways to just to make ends meet . You start thinking it may be necessary to take any overtime hours that are available to help keep food on the table . Stress becomes your daily partner . It is there when you get up , and there when you lie awake at night .
Talking about the problems you are having only leads to arguing . You both realize this thing called marriage is not as easy as you thought it would be . You thought it would be easier because you loved each other so much . Yet you feel the weight of the big responsibility you have taken on . Caring for a family , and managing home life , work life , and marriage are all difficult things to do . Add to the mix the stress of financial strain and you ’ ve got the makings of a marital volcano .
You used to be so happy together . You used to enjoy coming home to each other at the end of the day . You used to laugh at each other ’ s silly jokes . What happened ? The honeymoon ended and reality set in . Now granted , it does not have to be as dismal as that all the time . But the truth is , financial strain experienced very early in marriage is