Faith Crafter Magazine 1 2016 - Page 36

Album review Musical odyssey in faith “Valley of the shadow” is a lovely worship album and Erik Nieder is a new interesting adition to my play list. Erik is a skilled songwriter, the lyrics are meaningful and give hope for those rainy days when your faith is failing. The song that caught my attention for this album was, “Wayward Soul” with the chorus line: “He loves you more than you can know” that went straight to my heart, I knew that I had to buy the whole album. 36 Faith Crafter January 2016 The rest of the record did not disappoint me, it is telling a story, beginning with the first steps in faith on the “Winding road”, then stepping out in faith walking the road “Light of Your Love”. Followed by a couple of good songs and finally reaching “Wayward soul” and “Glory & Grace”. “Dead men walking” is the grand ending and my second favorite song on this album.