Faith and Family - Cullman, Alabama Summer 2018 - Page 21

As a service of the United Methodist Church, Sonshine also in- corporates a degree of spiritual learning into each school day. There is chapel time and Bible verse that is introduced each week for students to learn and study. With 31 years of service, Sonshine is now serving a second gen- eration of students. "We now have students whose parents were here in the earlier years of the program," Waters said. "That's been a rewarding part of the preschool. We also have children from a range of other de- nominations, so this brings people together. We've seen some of the parents and children from other backgrounds attend services here and join the church." With classes filled throughout the school year, Waters gives credit to the success of the preschool to the teachers and the sup- port of parents and the church. Tax, Accounting & Financial Services *VUUPL17OPSSPWZ*7( Connie J Phillips *LY[PÄLK7\ISPJ(JJV\U[HU[ -1 4HPU(]L5> *\SSTHU(3 )SVJRZZV\[OVM7\ISP_    MH_ W\YJLSSJWH'ILSSZV\[OUL[ JVUUPLW\YJLSSJWHJVT Faith & Family | 21