Faith and Family - Cullman, Alabama Summer 2018 - Page 20

"We've had feedback from kindergartens telling us that the chil- dren come in well prepared," Waters said. "That's something we work toward and we listen to those reviews closely. All of our in- structors have degrees in education and each classroom has an as- sistant." Each class can accommodate 14 students, with the aim of pro- viding close attention to each child's development. PHOTO BY DAVID PALMER Students work together at their table as part of the program that eventually prepares them for kindergarten. 3 L LOCATIONS O CA OCA CAT AT T TION A I N ION NS S TO SE SERV SERVE RV RVE VE YO VE YOU HWY 157 3 WEST OF HWY 31 CULLMAN 739-4310 Cullman & Hanceville e Store Hours Mon - Sat: 7am - 10pm • Sun: 9am - 9pm 20 | Faith & Family TOWN SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER CULLMAN 739-4380 U US S HWY 31 NOR NORTH R TH HA HANCEVILLE ANCEVILLE 352-4967 3 89893-1