Faith and Family - Cullman, Alabama Summer 2018 - Page 15

••• DEVOTIONAL ••• By Tanya Shearer I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The smell and the sound of the ocean calmed my anxiety. Morning walks on the beach have always been my favorite place to spend time with God. Today, I really needed to spend some time with my Heavenly Father. It was my hope, that a walk on the beach would renew and refresh me. As a wife and mother, I felt like I was trying to hold everything and everyone together. Sitting down on a wooden step to rest for a moment before start- ing the walk back, I noticed the Sea Oats gently swaying in the wind. Sea Oats always seem to be quietly in the background at the beach. Unpretentious, lacking in color; they would probably remain com- pletely unnoticed. If it were not for the numerous signs posted to pro- tect them. Many highly visible signs warn that it is unlawful to pick, move, or disturb them in any way. I pondered the question, “Why are Sea Oats so valuable and important to the ecosystem of the coast- line? They seem so plain and insignificant. The answer came quickly, "Because they hold everything together." "How is that possible?" "It is because of their roots." Their roots, of course, I remembered learning about the roots of sea oats in a science class years ago. They have a unique root system made of fine, closely woven fibers. The roots securely hold the sand in place. The roots of the Sea Oats prevent the erosion of the sand on the beach. They have a profound impact on their environment be- cause of their roots. They hold things together. I felt God reminding me that in order to be strong and be there for others, my roots need to be strong, healthy, and grounded. As wives and mothers, we have the unique privilege of being at the center of our families. We need time alone with our Heavenly Father to strengthen, nourish, and keep our roots strong. Our spiritual roots are the unique web of love that holds our families together. Faith & Family | 15