Faith and Family - Cullman, Alabama Summer 2018 - Page 13

“My life circumstances were because I made bad choices, but the series of bad choices helped me find people who held me ac- countable to good choices,” Bum- pus said. “I learned to love singing gospel songs and when I was homeless, I learned to do a lot with very little and pour into others’ lives. Because of all this, God positioned me to now help others. “Working in a drive-thru is a ministry. God has empowered me to help people, as silly as it sounds, to leave the drive thru window better than when they drove up. The focus is to give them a smile and share joy. Peo- ple tell me that I’m happy and jolly all the time! That’s what you want to be known for. I want to spread joy and God’s love.” There is no such thing as a self-made man, Bumpus believes, and he wouldn’t be where he is today if it were not for a few in- fluential people. “Debbie Bearden and De- wayne Darnell manage the thrift store, and they are two of the greatest people I’ve ever known,” he said. “They have been a huge part of my support system. They walked with me through all my messes. If they don’t hear from me, they come to my door and check on me. “It’s not been an easy path. I’ve had some slips in sobriety, but my current manager at KFC, coworkers and friends have been amazing. During my slip, I shared it with my manager, Lisa, and she allowed me a week or as long as I needed to get back on track and then come back to work. She would just come and hug my neck for no reason at all — or at least she just thought it wasn’t for a reason. But, there was al- ways a reason. She never knew, but God did. You never know what a simple word, smile or kind act will do for another person.” Bumpus encourages all Cull- man residents that if they need an uplifting smile or encouraging word, to come and visit him at the local KFC drive-thru. AGENT 307 Main Ave. N.W. Cullman, AL 35055 BUDDY KELLEY LUTCF Auto Home Life Bus: (256) 734-4660 Cell: (256) 736-6299 Fax: (866) 248-0776 Faith & Family | 13