Faith and Family - Cullman, Alabama Summer 2018 - Page 11

“The Lord spoke to me and said, ‘this is ground zero — this is the epicenter of a spiritual explosion, be- cause there are bold men and women in Cullman,” said the 58 year-old. “There are people here that are ferocious in pro- claiming the name of Jesus. They are unashamed, unabashed and willing to share about Jesus and what He has done in their lives. They don’t mind if they are in Walmart, Warehouse Dis- count Grocery — or in Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Bumpus has seen his share of tough times in life. At one point in his life, he said, he didn’t have a place to call home. “I used to eat out of dumpsters. I spent a time period being homeless and also had issues with addic- tion,” Bumpus said. “Dur- ing that time, I started recording ‘dumpster devo- tionals’ and now I share with others that you can literally overcome any- thing, with Christ in your heart and on your side. “Now when I take trash out to the dumpster, I’m reminded of how far that I’ve come. I spent time with the Bessemer Foundry location and then came to Cullman. My life has been completely re- newed, and God has used me to help others and share his love.” Bumpus said he was worried about coming to Cullman at first. But he quickly learned to love the community, and the com- munity loved him back. “When I first came to Cullman, I was a part of the Foundry Family Farm,” Bumpus said. “I volunteered there for six years after I went through their program. With the help of God through the Foundry program and a lot of supportive people, I overcame addiction. I’ve been clean for a really long time. I also helped start and work Third Phase at the farm. They let me stay in the home and through that ministry I was able to help using some of my tal- ents. “Anyone can fall weak to addiction. But because of my background in edu- cation, I was able to help develop an educational component within the foundry. I became the Dream Manager, Case Manager and Director of the educational portion. Faith & Family | 11