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94 | 95 EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE Vibrant Hub of Knowledge ∙ Dynamic Academic Landscape ∙ Ambitious Cutting-edge Research ∙ Networking Academia ∙ Research and Academic Relations Policy ∙ Excellent Research ∙ Attractive School System INSIGHT VIBRANT HUB OF KNOWLEDGE Germany is one of the top places in the world leaders. Internationally, Germany is in the for research and academic training. This is top group of those few countries to invest symbolised by the fact that with more than 80 more than 2.5 percent of their gross domestic awards, Germany places third among the na- product in research and development. tions with the most Nobel laureates. In a globalised world in which knowledge is regarded With numerous measures and reforms, the as the most important resource, the country, government and higher education institu- with its long-standing tradition of research tions took the initiative to advance Germany and development, is well positioned in the in- as a hub of knowledge and place it on a more ternational competition for the best minds. international footing. The Qualification Ini- Three major aspects shape this vibrant hub of tiative adopted in 2008 offers lifelong train- knowledge: the dense network of around 400 ing programmes, formed part of this. Other higher education institutions, the four inter- success stories include the Excellence Initia- nationally renowned non-university research tive, which has spawned a number of inter- organisations, and strong industrial research. nationally oriented graduate schools and The country has its impressive research clusters of excellence, the Higher Education achievements to thank for the fact that with Pact 2020, the High-Tech Strategy, the Re- 12 percent of global trade volume, Germany search and Innovation Pact, and the Strategy is the world’s leading exporter of high-tech for the Internationalisation of Science and goods and in the European Union (EU) is as- Research. As Europe’s biggest research na- sured a f irm place in the group of innovation tion, in 2014 Germany was the first EU Mem-