Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 87

Offshore wind farms in the North Sea are the main pillars of the Energy Reform reliance on international imports of crude oil – is another major task. Industry and large and natural gas. To date, Germany spends business enterprises have already achieved around 80 billion euros annually on the im- significant savings, and standards are high. port of coal, oil, and gas. In coming years, this Small companies and public facilities still amount will be gradually eliminated by do- have some catching up to do. Improving the mestic value added in the field of renewable energy consumption of old buildings in par- energies; moreover, these measures result in ticular is especially important with regard additional export opportunities and the to increasing energy efficiency, and the Fed- prospect of more jobs. Strengthening the eral Government makes grants available for “second pillar” of the Energy Reform – the the  purpose. Buildi ngs account for around more economical, more efficient use of energy 40  percent of carbon dioxide emissions.