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84 | 85 ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE TOPIC ENERGY REFORM – A PROJECT FOR GENERATIONS The Energy Reform is the single most import- ernment is thus pressing ahead with the sus- ant economic and environmental policy task tainable restructuring of the energy system, in Germany. The Energy Reform refers to the which began as long ago as 2000 with the first restructuring of the country’s energy supply resolution on an exit from nuclear power and sources away from fossil fuels and nuclear the promotion of the Renewable Energy power, towards renewable energies. By 2050 Sources Act. In Germany the promotion of at the latest, a minimum of 80 percent of renewable energies began back in the 1990s electricity and 60 percent of all energy in and in the year 2000 was made into law in the Germany will come from renewable ener- form of the Renewable Energy Sources Act. gies, so the plan. The next step will involve gradually shutting down all nuclear power Exit from nuclear power stations by 2022; furthermore, by 2025 40 to based on long-term planning 45 percent of electricity will be generated by renewable sources. Since mid-2015 there Likewise in the year 2000, the Federal Gov- have only been eight nuclear power stations ernment agreed with the German energy still in operation, providing around 15 per- companies on an exit from nuclear power by cent of the electricity mix. The Federal Gov- 2022. As such, the resolutions the Federal Government passed in 2011 follow in the tradition of restructuring of the energy system to LIST rely on sustainable energy sources. It views the accelerated reorganisation of the energy ∙ Largest onshore wind farm: Reussenköge in Schleswig-Holstein system, which in 2011 the parties represented in the German Bundestag passed with the express approval of a large majority of the ∙ Largest offshore wind farm: alpha ventus in the North Sea ∙ Most powerful wind turbine: E126/7570 kW by Enercon population following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in Japan, as “a necessary step on the way to an industrial society committed to the idea of sustainability and the preservation of Creation”. ∙ Largest solar park: Meuro/Schipkau However, it is not only the environment and ∙ Biggest electricity exchange: EEX (European Energy Exchange) in Leipzig climate that are intended to benefit from the Energy Reform, but the German economy as well – the primary aim being to eliminate