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78 | 79 ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE A Pioneer in Climate Policy ∙ Innovative Force behind Climate Cooperation ∙ Energy Reform - A Project for Generations ∙ Greentech – A Sector with a Future ∙ Essential Diversity INSIGHT A PIONEER IN CLIMATE POLICY The 21st century is regarded as the “century of even striving for at least 80 percent by 2050. By the environment”. In other words: the extent to the end of 2014 it had already achieved a reduc- which the natural living conditions of future tion of 27 percent. generations on Earth change will be decided in the next decades. A rise in the speed of climate Internationally as well, the Federal Govern- change is primarily regarded as the main dan- ment actively supports environmental protec- ger. Environmental and climate protection tion, cooperation on energy issues, and climate- have long been a high priority in Germany. In- friendly development. Germany is the driving ternationally, Germany leads the way in climate force in the EU, which since the 1992 United protection and is a pioneer in the development Nations summit in Rio de Janeiro has been a pi- of renewable energy sources. oneer in international climate policy. It supports the objective of limiting global warming With the changes to the energy sector, referred to a maximum of two degrees Celsius. To this to as the Energy Reform, Germany is leaving the end, the emission of carbon dioxide in the in- age of fossil and nuclear energy clearly behind dustrialised countries needs to be reduced by it and heading fast for a future that hinges on 80 to 95 percent. During Germany’s Presidency sustainable energy sources. This involves a of the G7 in 2015, the leading industrialised na- gradual exit from nuclear power by 2022. Fur- tions resolved to speed up termination of the thermore, by 2020 Germany plans to have re- use of fossil fuels as an energy source. Complete duced its emission of carbon dioxide by 40 per- “decarbonisation” is intended to be ac hieved cent in comparison to the 1990 levels, and is before the century is out. The UN Secretariat