Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 69

Successful the world over: German car manufacturers are among the big players in the global mobility sector innovative production technologies. In- R&D activities since 2007 has spurred trends. dustry carries far more weight in Germany Both business and the public sector played a than in many other economies. A total of role in this; the Federal Government’s High- 7.22 million people work in industry and Tech Strategy has been a key stimulus here. manufacturing. Only in South Korea is the In 2013 a total of almost 80 billion euros was share of manufacturing in gross value spent on R&D in Germany, which corresponds added higher. to a 2.84-percent share of gross domestic product (GDP). This puts Germany in fifth place The economy’s capacity for innovation is among comparable OECD countries, ahead of regarded as the driving force behind Ger- the USA and well ahead of France and Great many’s economic strength. The step-up in Britain. Of Germany’s main rivals, only South