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60 | 61 BUSINESS & INNOVATION was later to become Federal Chancellor, the They supplement the corporations listed pri- concept has kept Germany’s economic devel- marily on the DAX index at the Frankfurt Stock opment on a successful track. Germany ac- Exchange, the most important financial centre tively engages in shaping globalisation and in Continental Europe. The European Central champions a sustainable global economic Bank, which as an EU institution among other system, which offers fair opportunities t o things guards the euro’s price stability, is also everyone. headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Germany is one of the 12 countries which introduced the euro in 2002. The financial market crisis (2008) and the subsequent debt crisis INTERNET Federal Government employed a twin-track Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Economic policy, priority issues, initiatives strategy, which involved not taking on any → bmwi.de affected the whole of the Eurozone, Germany included. To combat adverse impacts, the new debt and adopting measures to bolster in 2014 and 2015 the government was able to Make it in Germany Info portal for international skilled workers present a balanced federal budget. → make-it-in-germany.de Accounting for more than 99 percent of all Employment Agency Labour market data and job vacancies innovativeness. For the first time since 1969, companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy. → arbeitsagentur.de Financial centre with a long-standing tradition: Frankfurt am Main is Germany’s most important stock exchange