Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 6

4|5 FACTS ABOUT GERMANY FACTS FAMILY Insight: Informative overviews spotlight current developments in the topic explored in each chapter. HANDBOOK In its nine chapters the new edition of the handbook “Facts about Germany” offers a whole host of different angles on present-day Germany. Each of the chapters is structured in such a way that an “Insight” first provides the most important basic information on the topic in question by way of introduction. Subsequently, the various aspects of the topic are explored in depth. Moreover, each chapter contains numerous references to further sources of information as well as cross-media services. Topic: Fact-based texts offer an in-depth and expanded consideration of the key aspects. → Information in 19 languages → Nine chapters → Various information levels → Tips for further information → Key players in each topic → Print-to-Web links via augmented reality applications FA C T S F O R Y O U N G A D U LT S How can young people get to know Germany? What brings the country to life for them; Panorama: Extensive info graphics complement the chapters, adding an exciting visual component. what should future high potentials know? The new 76-page “Facts” handbook for young people provides informative insights in nine languages – also online. facts-about-germany.de