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since 1998 through its Committee for Hu- The Federal Government does not provide man Rights and Humanitarian Aid. In 2000, this assistance directly, but supports suitable the German Institute for Human Rights, a projects conducted by the UN’s humanitarian state-funded but independent body, was es- organisations, the Red Cross and Red Crescent tablished in Berlin. As a national human Movement, and German non-government or- rights institution as defined in the UN’s Paris ganisations. In 2014 alone, the Federal Foreign Principles, it is intended to help the promo- Office allocated in excess of 437 million euros tion and protection of human rights by Ger- for humanitarian measures. many at home and abroad. The protection of human rights is also an Humanitarian aid for people important field of activity for cyber foreign in acute need policy. Issues relating to the protection of data and privacy rights need urgent answers. Through its humanitarian aid worldwide In 2013 and 2014, the UN Gener al Assembly the Federal Government helps people in acute passed resolutions on the right to privacy in need as a result of natural disasters, armed the digital age. They were on the back of a conflicts, or other crises and conflicts – or German-Brazilian initiative. Germany is of where there is a risk of this becoming the the opinion that human rights online are case. It is not about the causes of their plight. just as valid as offline. In 2015, the UN Hu- Humanitarian aid is an expression of ethical man Rights Council adopted a resolution responsibility and solidarity with people in that for the first time envisages the appoint- need. It is geared to the requirements of the ment of an independent special reporter for needy and is based on the humanitarian the right to privacy. He will report on viola- principles of humanity, neutrality, impar- tions annually and follow the international tiality, and independence. debate. Budget for humanitarian assistance worldwide in 2013 Purpose of donations in Germany in 2014 5.7 % 16.4 Animal protection billion USD 2.9 % Culture 79 % Humanitarian aid 5.6 Sources: Statista billion USD Humanitarian assistance from private donations Humanitarian assistance by governments 2.7 % Environmental protection 2.4 % Sport 7.4 % Other/no info available