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The Human Rights Council in Geneva is the United Nations’ most important human rights committee worldwide have no access to clean water. applying to be re-elected for the 2016 – 2018 Germany is helping to change this situation cycle. In 2015, Germany in the person of Am- by spending 400 million euros annually on bassador Joachim Rücker became Chair of several projects. Access to water, one of the the Council for the first time. The German more recent human rights issues, is the focal diplomat was elected President by the 47 point of German development cooperation members of the Human Rights Council for in 27 countries. one year. The Human Rights Council’s most important tool is the Universal Periodic Re- In 2012, Germany became a member of the view, which provides all UN member states UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switz- with an opportunity to declare what actions erland, for the second time, and is currently they have taken to fulfil their human rights