Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 5

FOREWORD What characterises politics, business, so- and institutional references take a backseat. ciety, academia, and culture in Germany? “Facts In order to make the texts as useful as pos- about Germany” invites readers to get to sible, they include up-to-date information know the modern and cosmopolitan coun- and statistics. try. The handbook offers exhaustive basic information and numerous points of orien- The continued development of “Facts about tation – all specially designed with inter- Germany” includes giving it a broad digital national readers in mind. In nine chapters, presence, exploring in more depth online “Facts” conveys a basic understanding of the topics outlined in the print edition. The German society and shows which models new “Facts about Germany” community, and solutions are being discussed in a time which we cordially invite you to join, is at of social and political change. The com- the same time intended to promote dialogue pletely revised new edition focusses in par- and serve as a platform for the exchange of ticular on contemporary issues – historical ideas. Get to know Germany – with the cross-media “Facts about Germany”