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44 | 45 FOREIGN POLICY In 2016, Germany will be Chair of the OSCE, thus affirming its commitment to the organisation among them the UN Climate Secretariat Germany supports the Organization for Se- (UNFCCC). curity and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), another mainstay of peace and security in In order to better help international organ- Europe. The organisation originated in the isations on peace-keeping missions, Ger- Conference on Security and Co-operation many is going to put the training and deploy- in Europe (CSCE) and adopted its present ment of civilian crisis response workers on name in 1995. The core document of the an even more professional footing. Estab- OSCE is the Helsinki Final Act, which was lished in 2002, the Centre for International signed in 1975, and in which, among other Peace Operations has a pool of 1,500 ex- things, the inviolability of frontiers and the perts on call, and will be strengthened still peaceful settlement of disputes were agreed further. It selects civilian crisis managers, as basic principles of the European security prepares them on training courses for mis- order. sions as observers and mediators in crisis areas and post-conflict countries, and evalu- The OSCE as the main forum for peace and ates their experiences. In cooperation with security in Europe the Federal Foreign Office, by 2015 the Centre for International Peace Operations Today the organisation has 57 participating had already posted 3,000 short and long- states from Europe, North America and term volunteers on election observation Central Asia making it the largest regional missions, and conducted projects in 65 organisation for collective security world- countries. wide. The importance of the OSCE as a