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The Bundeswehr is involved in numerous missions abroad, for example the European Training Mission in Mali (EUTM) ability to respond swiftly. Since being ad- separate budget for UN peace missions. In mitted to the UN in 1973, the Federal Re- each case the figure is 7.1 percent of the to- public of Germany has been a committed, tal UN budget, making Germany the third reliable, and valued member of the world biggest contributor in 2015. Around 260 organisation. For this reason, in 2018 Ger- German soldiers and police officers partici- many intends to stand as a candidate for pated in UN-led missions in 2014, among one of the six non-permanent seats on the others in Lebanon, Western Sahara, Mali, UN Security Council for the 2019-2020 South Sudan, Sudan, and Liberia. The UN is term. Germany contributes around 190 present in Germany too, in particular on million dollars annually to the regular UN the UN Campus in Bonn, home to 19 of the budget, and some 640 million dollars to the 28 UN agencies in Germany as a whole,