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40 | 41 FOREIGN POLICY Since the end of the East-West conflict, new showed that in a rapidly changing world opportunities and challenges have emerged German foreign policy faces three main for German foreign policy. On the basis of challenges, which can be described with the its multilateral relations, Germany has ac- words “Crisis – Order – Europe”. In order to cepted the increased responsibility it has be better prepared to master them, and as a been accorded since reunification in 1990. result of the review process, the Federal For- Through its many efforts, Germany now- eign Office is being restructured. adays plays a role in the political resolution of conflicts, the maintenance of peace-keeping structures, and crisis prevention as part of UN-mandated peace missions. In the midst the current crisis in the European security or- INTERNET der, in 2016 it will assume the Chairmanship Federal Foreign Office Appointments, people, issues, contacts of the OSCE and will promote an affirmation → diplo.de of the Helsinki Principles and a strengthening of the OSCE as the main regional security organisation in Europe. European Union Portal of the community of states with information in 24 languages → europa.eu The public discussion surrounding the “Review 2014 – A Fresh Look at German Foreign Policy” project revealed that the premises on which German foreign policy are based have proven their worth. However, it also OSCE Permanent mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the OSCE → osze.diplo.de Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier (left) played a major role in the successful E3+3 talks with Iran