Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 173

Big-city flair: in Berlin, as well as in other German cities, there is a lively restaurant scene are becoming increasingly health and fit- Alongside top-class, fusion cuisine, and chefs ness-conscious, and are opting for balanced increasingly catering to vegetarian and vegan nutritional concepts. On the other, mega- dishes; old vegetable varieties such as pars- trends such as mobility and the ever greater nip, turnip, and Jerusalem artichoke are number of different personal lifestyles are enjoying a renaissance. They are the pillars clearly influencing eating and drinking of the current boom in all things healthy, habits. seasonal, regional, and the taste of home regions. A young generation of chefs is re- The German restaurant scene is as vibrant as interpreting classic dishes and spicing them it is diverse – and is one of the best in Europe. up with global influences.