Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 171

Brandenburg Gate Every Berlin tourist knows the Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of German Reunification. Potsdamer Platz The face of modern Berlin. The complex was developed after the fall of the Wall on an enormous piece of waste land. Gendarmenmarkt One of the most beautiful squares in Europe boasts no less than three Classicist-style monumental structures. Checkpoint Charlie The Wall is no longer, but the former military checkpoint still rekindles memories of the Cold War. Museum Island The five major museums house some of Europe’s finest collections. TV Tower on Alexanderplatz Berlin’s TV Tower on the “A lex” can be seen from afar, and from the sphere there is a view of the entire region. East Side Gallery The elaborately painted remains of the Wall are nowadays the world’s longest open-air gallery. 505,771 4,400,000 4,650 190 visitors to the Berlin Film Festival visitors to the zoo restaurants bars and discotheques