Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 152

150 | 151 C U LT U R E & T H E M E D I A PANORAMA EXCITING WORLD HERITAGE SITES Wartburg Reformer Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German inside the protection of its walls. Cologne Cathedral This masterpiece of Gothic architecture was built down through many generations – from 1248 to 1880. Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex This complex in Essen where operations were discontinued in 1986 stands for the development of heavy industry in Europe. Bauhaus The Bauhaus sites in Dessau and Weimar stand for the famous early 20th-century design college. 157 m 1 km2 44 km2 3,000,000 Height of Cologne Cathedral Area of the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex Area covered by ancient beech forests Visitors to Museum Island