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years, newspapers have been regularly losing GLOBAL on average 1.5-2 percent of their paid printed Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s state-run foreign radio service and a member of ARD, the public radio and TV broadcasting association. DW broadcasts in 30 different languages, provides TV programming (DWTV), radio and Internet services as well as supporting international media development through the DW Akademie. In 2015, the foreign broadcasting service commenced 24/7 programming in English. editions. They are increasingly rarely reaching younger readers and with circulation figures and advertising revenues dwindling are in difficult waters. Over 100 newspapers have responded to the free-for-view Internet by introducing pay-on-demand systems. Digitisation of the media world, the Internet, the rampant growth in mobile handhelds, and the triumphs of the social media have → dw.de significantly changed how the media are used. Today, 55.6 million Germans over the age of 14 (79 percent) are online. In 2014, every Internet user was online on 5.9 days of the week and spent about 166 minutes a day on a mobile handheld. Moreover, over half of all Whether the interactive Internet nodes where Internet users are members of a private com- people gather also form the foundations for munity. The digital revolution has generated a viable future digital journalism remains to a new concept of the public sphere; the social be seen. In Germany, for example, the pro- media and the Bloggosphere mirror an open gress of the online magazine Krautreporter, society of dialogue in which everyone can launched by crowdfunding in 2014, is being participate in the opinion-for ming discourse. followed with bated breath. Multiple access: how Germans use the Internet Daily media usage Source: ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie 2014 95 % Computer, PC, laptop 62 % Smartphone/ mobile phone TV 240 min. TV Radio 192 min. 28 Internet 111 min. 18 % % Tablet Newspapers 23 min. Source: ARD-ZDF-Online-Studie 2014 the Internet; every second person surfed from