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144 | 145 C U LT U R E & T H E M E D I A Turkish Saz Rock to American Hip Hop and years now they have been among the most even Techno, blends with other strands or successful authors writing in German. Their electronic elements that are considered “typ- books, which reflect among other things on ically German”. As in other countries, Rap is a their experiences with their Iranian, Russian point of identification for young people from and Turkish backgrounds, are eagerly read migrant families, with languages often blur- and their works transport the specific themes ring in the process. and experiences of migration into the heart of society, where they are regularly discussed. Post-migrant themes play a key role in contemporary literature The same is true of films by directors Fatih Akin or Bora Dagtekin, who playfully have There are countless important authors with the different milieus so typical of Germany migrant backgrounds such as Navid Kermani, today, and the clichéd notions the various who in 2015 won one of Germany’s most il- groups have of one another collide. The im- lustrious cultural prizes, the Peace Prize of age of Germany that this creates, reflected at the German Book Trade, and is known both countless different levels, is at times chaotic for his fiction and for his books on religious and contradictory, but always colourful. So- tolerance, or Katja Petrowskaya, Sherko Fa- ciety needs to learn to tolerate these ambival- tah, Nino Haratischwili, Saša Stanišić, Feri- ences and tensions; culture shows this and dun Zaimoglu or Alina Bronsky, to mention provides an ideal venue for a peaceful debate but a few. Indeed, it is fair to say that for many on these conflicts. Post-migrant Germany is German-Iranian writer Navid Kermani won the 2015 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade