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Old manuscripts from Timbuktu (Mali) are being preserved and researched thanks to Federal Foreign Office funding mainly to cultural dialogue – in the form of programmes supports upholding important exhibitions and conferences. The current historical cultural assets worldwide. For ex- trends in cultural dialogue: digital cultural ample, from 1981 to 2015 the Federal For- and intermediary services and the new oppor- eign Office has helped fund more than 2,700 tunities for interactive participation. In all the projects in 144 countries, including the projects, since the 1970s foreign cultural policy preservation of the Timbuktu manuscripts has emphasised a holistic, non-elitist concept in Mali, the creation of a digital registry of of culture that does not limit “culture” to “art”. cultural assets for Syria, the digitisation of  traditional music in Cameroon and re- That said, the focus is not just on German cul- constructing the Great Hall of Karakorum ture. The preservation of cultural heritage in Mongolia.