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136 | 137 C U LT U R E & T H E M E D I A such as Bach, Beethoven and Brahms in mu- which will open in 2019 as a cultural light- sic, Goethe, Schiller and Thomas Mann in house in the rebuilt palace in central Berlin. literature. Moreover, there are exceptional Characterised by cosmopolitanism, it should examples of German Modernists in all art facilitate an international exchange of knowl- genres. edge and intercultural dialogue. It bears noting that the country has gone through a process which began earlier in other European nations. Germany has embraced outside influences on the basis of its own traditions and developed a new narrative. Young artists from migratory backgrounds have INTERNET sical, to respond to the encounter and fusion Kulturportal Deutschland Website on selected events and cultural policy issues of different cultural backgrounds. → kulturportal-deutschland.de found expressive means, both poetic and mu- have morphed into vibrant centres of new Litrix Multilingual information portal to present German literature worldwide German culture in the increasingly blurred → litrix.de The regional artistic and cultural centres grey area between low-brow and high-brow culture. Together they create a force field, a reflection of Germany in concentrated form. There is also the Humboldt Forum project, There are many venues in Germany for the performing arts Filmportal Platform on movies in German → filmportal.de