Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 131

With a monthly child allowance, the state specifically promotes families – pre-school childcare provision has been broadened childcare options available to parents today their pension being subject to deductions. and as such fewer opportunities in the world Around 280,000 employees took advantage of work. The mother’s pension acknowledges of this option in the first year. The Institute women’s work in raising children. Since for Employment Research (IAB) expects to July 2014 around 9.5 million women (and a receive a good 560,000 applications by the small number of men) have received over end of 2018. 300 euros more in pension payments per child per year. Furthermore, since 1 July Health insurance cover is a legal require- 2014 people covered by the pension insur- ment in Germany. Medical care is guaranteed ance scheme who have paid in for 45 years by a broad spectrum of hospitals, practices have been entitled to retire at 63 without and rehabilitation clinics.