Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 125

Great importance is attached to family – a great many fathers now also take parental leave however, especially those whose children ing a family with professional further develop- are not yet at school; the corresponding fig- ment. It is among the numerous benefits de- ure for working fathers is just five percent. signed to assist parents and contribute to a In 2014 the employment rate of women in family-friendly society. Parental leave gives Germany was 73.1 percent, the second-high- both partners the option of suspending their est figure in the EU and clearly above the EU job for up to three years. During this period average (62.3 percent). they receive family allowance for up to 14 months amounting to 67 percent of their last The parental leave introduced in 2007 en- net income (minimum of 300, maximum of ables couples to more easily reconcile start- 1,800 euros) to secure their livelihood.