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116 | 117 SOCIETY abilities are taking an ever greater role in so- 2.7 million), almost one in six in Germany is cial life. at risk of poverty, particularly young people and single parents. Moreover, social differ- Demographic and socioeconomic ences continue to exist between east and change west. In future, demographic change is set to shape Germany more than virtually any other development. The birth rate has been constantly low since the late 1990s at 1.4 children per woman, and life expectancy is rising. By 2050 the population in Germany is estimated to shrink by around seven million people. At the same time, the growing num- INTERNET Deutsch plus Interdisciplinary network and initiative for a pluralist republic → deutsch-plus.de ber of elderly people is presenting social welfare systems with new challenges. Socioeconomic change in Germany in re- Make it in Germany Multilingual welcome portal for international skilled workers → make-it-in-germany.com cent years has led to the emergence of new social risks and stronger social diversification according to economic living conditions. Although in 2014 unemployment was at the same low level as in 1991 (on average Demographic change is presenting the nation with major challenges Human Development Reports Where does Germany stand on a global comparison? → hdr.undp.org