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114 | 115 SOCIETY SOCIETY Enriching Diversity ∙ Shaping Immigration ∙ Diverse Living Arrangements ∙ Committed Civil Society ∙ Strong Welfare State ∙ Leisure Time and Travel ∙ Freedom of Religious Worship INSIGHT ENRICHING DIVERSITY With some 81.2 million inhabitants, Germa- on the image of 50 countries, Germany tops ny is the most populous nation in the Euro- the scale – also owing to its high values in the pean Union. The modern, cosmopolitan areas of quality of life and social justice. Ger- country has developed into an important many considers itself a welfare state, whose immigration country. A good 16.4 million primary task is to protect all its citizens. people in Germany have a migratory background. Germany is now among those na- New ways of life are tions with the most liberal immigration changing the society rules. According to a 2014 study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and German society is shaped by a pluralism of Development (OECD), it is the most popular lifestyles and ethno-cultural diversity. New immigration country after the USA. ways of life and everyday realities are changing daily life in society. Immigrants enrich Most people in Germany have a high stand- the country with new perspectives and ex- ard of living, on an international compar- periences. There is great social openness and ison, and the corresponding freedom to shape acceptance as regards alternative ways of their own lives. The United Nations’ Human life and different sexual orientations. Ad- Development Index (HDI) 2014 ranks Germa- vances are being made in terms of gender ny sixth of 187 countries. In the Nation equality and traditional gender role assign- Brands Index 2014, an international survey ments are no longer rigid. People with dis-