Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 113

Sonne research vessel Sonne is the most recent addition to the German research fleet and has been probing the secrets of the deep sea since 2014, primarily in the Pacific and in the Indian Ocean. The high-tech ship is regarded as the most modern in the world. Cabin deck with 33 cabins for crew members Work deck 8 labs across 600 m2 Communal deck with mess and library Storage deck with cabins for 20 scientists Length: Speed: Max. time at sea: Personnel (max.): Deployment: Multi-corer It can simultaneously take lots of small samples from the seabed. Water extractor This device takes water samples and measures temperature and depth. 116 m 12.5 knots 52 days 40 people Indian Ocean, Pacific Underwater vehicle It is remote controlled and equipped with a video camera and gripper arms. 83 66 89 18 Max Planck Institutes worldwide Fraunhofer Institutes Leibniz Association research facilities Helmholtz Association research centres