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108 | 109 EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE TOPIC RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC RELATIONS POLICY Academic exchange is a pillar of interna- New Delhi, New York, São Paulo and Tokyo, tional cultural and educational policy. In its as well as the German Science Centre (DWZ) implementation, key partners of the Federal in Cairo promote scientific collaboration Foreign Office are the German Academic with Germany. They regard themselves as Exchange Service (DAAD), the Alexander showcases for Germany as a research and von Humboldt Foundation, the German innovation location, and pool information Archaeological Institute (DAI) along with the and the existing structures of German re- foundations of the political parties with an search institutions in these countries. For international focus. In 2009, in his first term this reason they are the first point of con- of office, Federal Foreign Minister Frank- tact for all academics interested in collab- Walter Steinmeier launched the Research orating with Germany. and Academic Relations Initiative. Its aim: to buttress tried-and-tested methods and Furthermore, since 2010 the German Aca- expand them to include new strategies. It demic Exchange Service has funded the has already inspired countless new ideas in work of four new Centres of Excellence in exchange; and consciously supports further Russia, Thailand, Chile, and Columbia: networking around the globe. these network hundreds of international scientists with German research and train Worldwide, five German Houses of Re- young academics to the highest standards. search and Innovation (DWIH) in Moscow, In each case they are conceived as collaborations in research and teaching between a German higher education institution and one or several foreign partner institutes. NUMBER 177 million euros was the amount the Federal Foreign Office contributed to the budget of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2014. This is the biggest individual item, accounting for 40 percent in total. The funds are used to run a wide range of foreign cultural and education policy projects and programmes. Academic cooperation with crisis and conflict regions A major focal point of the research and academic relations policy is cooperation with academics and higher education institutions in crisis and conflict regions, as well as in transition countries. With this complex commitment there are hopes that cooperation in research and higher education can