Facts about Germany 2015 2015 - Page 101

There are 2.7 million students enrolled at around 400 higher education institutions in Germany cialist knowledge, and train academics to in 2005 the ratio of freshmen stood at 37 per- work and research independently. The 220 cent, around half of young people in Germany strongly practice-oriented universities of ap- now take up higher education. The Federal plied sciences (FH) are unique to Germany. Training Assistance Act (BAföG) enables The introduction of the right of universities of them to complete a degree course independ- applied sciences to award doctorates, which at ently of their family’s financial situation. present only universities are allowed to do, is Nonetheless, educational success remains currently under discussion. closely linked to social background – only 23 percent of children from non-academic Overall, the number of people engaged in households embark on a degree. In 2014 there academic pursuits is increasing: Whereas were 2.7 million students registered at higher