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August Catalog_Layout 1 8/22/16 7:45 AM Page 9 LADY TRAIL: 15”-16”-17” SEAT& FLEX TREEVERSION ROUGH OUT Padded Seat TREE: Ralide® with Full-Quarter Horse Bars HORN: Pleasure Horn SEAT: Extra-Padded Rough Out Seat with 5” Cantle for spinal supp )Ĵļˊt 啹I)I%%9ձՉIMх́MѕI)!ɑ݅ɔ)U11PߊtձЁ]Ѡ)QI%41ѡȁAɔɽа ѱ)̸9屽 ɑɇ )́1Mи1ѡȁMѥ̸1ѡ)Iɍ9屽MѥMɅ́ݥѠqEե t Ս̸ɽ)ɕȁͅɥ)]%!Pɽ᥵ѕȁ̸((ԈM) ɽݸ()MQ%91ML)MQ0)I(((؈M) ɽݸ((܈M) ɽݸ() եЁѡ1`ͅɕ)ȁɥȁɥЁ)Є)I=U )=UP)AM(((ԈM) ɽݸ((؈M) ɽݸ() ɑɇ 1ѡȁM)ͽA(Ȁ ɽݸ(́ͽA(((܈M) ɽݸ((()MQ%91ML)MQ0)I((()%Ց́ %9 = %11P(Q%MQI@()ܹɽ((((؁1ȁᅹȁA)5٥Q8(Դȴ)Qɕд)Դȴ((0