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August Catalog_Layout 1 8/24/16 5:34 PM Page 53 FABTRON'S DECKER LINE OF GROOMING PRODUCTS,DISPLAYS &TRAVELSETS Decker- the Groomer's Choice! G-36 Extra Soft Aqua Finishing Brush Great around the eyes and ears. 2" trim. G75-6 Decker Steel Curling Comb with wood handle G-35 Stiff Synthetic Rice Root Grooming Brush A real work horse! Great for removing dried mud and manure. 2" trim. #G66-R Decker Steel 6-Bar Mane Comb with wood handle #GS-2000 Decker Professional Grooming Set G-32 Soft Royal Blue Synthetic Bristle Brush Durable polyester fiber - great for finishing, but firm enough to clean. 2" trim. G-90 Stiff Palmyra Fiber Brush with Web Strap Heavy-duty dirt and mud brush, great for gene [ܛZ[ Y]\[[^\K B[KN BX\]ܛZ[\][\ ˈ]۝Z[΂(\[\HX(Y\ SX\YH\HX(Z[HX\\HX(X[H Z[X(وX¸(ٝ[\\([^\HKQܛZ[\(YY][Hٝ[]X\LX\ܜHZ\H\]\L L\X N˂ܛZ[\ܝY[[YKT[[\^BN˂YH[[‘X\\^BYH[HوX][[ܞB܈HY[\ٙ\[ۘ[ܛY\ NYX\Έ۝Z[Έ^ BXXوL͋L̋LKML L\\ˈZY  HNMH\\ˈ[ L HXXوLMT L\HX˂MLٝ]\[XXY[\X\XXYUHHۛۈܛYH\B\[\[\H]Z[XKЋL NMBYY][Hٝܚ[\Y[]X\H\^[[[ X\[\  ܙX]܈YH H K̈[K˙XۋBLL‘^XH\HX]X\ܙX]܈[[Z\\X[[[ݚ[\ K[X\[^[\KX\][K  KNN ĽBYN MM ĽB^ KNN M͌‚X\] PKSۙ‘ܛZ[]MKT”\[X]Y\Y[Y[\HXHۛHۙH XYH[HTI]\XB܈Y[܈[\[ܛZ[˂Hˈ]۝Z[΂(\\YX[\Y¸(\[\HX(Y\ SX\YHX(Z[HX\X(HX[H Z[X(وX¸(ݘ[\]\(ٝ[]X[\\([\[ܛZ[\