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August Catalog_Layout 1 8/22/16 7:43 AM Page 6 ® Fabtron’s NEW light weight SUPREME TRAIL SADDLE continues with the design and construction we have been suppling the Equine industry for many years. Built with American Steer hides on a RALIDE tree, Stainless Steel Dees, In-shirt riggings, Contoured Skirt, turned fenders, Basket weave tooling, hand stitched cantle, berry concho’s and a host of other great features make this highly desirable for today’s discerning Trail Rider. This saddle is available in Natural, Chestnut, and Mahogany colors. The padded Top Grain leather seat, polished leather edging, and saddle strings give this saddle a very good finished appearance. SPECIFICATIONS Tree: Ralide with Full-Quarter Horse Bars Seat: Soft Top Grain out Padded Seat Cantle: 11/2” Hand Stitched Cheyenne Roll Rigging: Full In-Skirt Double Rigged, Stainless Steel Rigging Dees and Hardware Gullet: 6 3/4” Construction: American Steer Hides, Front, Cantle, and Jockeys, Fleece Lined Shirt, Aluminum Pad Y\\]]ZX[HX\ˈX\YH[[\Hۘ˂ZY ˂[Y\Έ[KX]\ٙ[][YH\Mx'BM'B]\[̎ S S\]̎ P P‚]HHBXZ[[Y\BY\[X]YB\[]Y [Y[H[[‚XZ̎ SB SBx'HXHYYX]ܛ\[\[XB]\[\]XZ˙XۋB K[X\[^[\KX\][K  KNN ĽBYN MM ĽB^ KNN M͌‚‚