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August Catalog_Layout 1 8/24/16 5:33 PM Page 48 FABTRON'S 56 LARIATS, TEAM PENNING COLLARS, ROPING HEADS AND ROPING GEAR #L730 Semi-Pro 7/16" x 30' Medium Lay Nylon Lariat with Hand-Sewn Burner #L330 Semi-Pro 3/8" x 30' Medium Lay Nylon Lariat with Hand-Sewn Burner TOP One Man "Easy On - Easy Off" Installation! #L735 Semi-Pro 7/16" x 35' Medium Lay Nylon Lariat with Hand-Sewn Burner #L830 7/16" x 30' Braided Lariat with Hand-Sewn Burner #L9205 5/16" x 20' Natural Lay Kid's Lariat with Hand-Sewn Burner EZ8 Horn Wrap #4117 ® • Quick, “One-Man” Installation/Removal • Accommodates large & small horn bases • No Roller Buckles to cut your rope • "Tuck Away" Pocket for no loose ends • More protection with less bulk • Tested and Proven Installation Is As Easy As: Place left wrap on left horn... place right wrap over right horn, pull slack... wrap horns (using figure 8) and buckle up! You're ready to rope! #L301 5/16" x 6 1/2' Medium Lay Piggin' String • Easy On- Easy Off Installation • Figure 8 Horn Wrap combined with • Superior Ear Protection • 1/2" Black Felt • Double Dee Buckling System • Extra wide 4" web helps keep ears snug against head! #L9206 5/16"  ܙYY\\Y \X]][ T]ۂ\\TMM Xۛ^H\\H\X]Ѝ̍B K[[XY]H ST B PT‚LHY[\L\BX]HZYۚ][‘ݙ\‚X[H[[Œ\][](ۜ\وYH HXXو\›X[Y NB( HYHX]K]ZY XK[^Y\Y [[ X]Y[\¸([\Y[[\] H[X\¸(Z[؛ۘ\ ”YHۛދ܈[ܙB XZP]^Bۙˆ BYۙ‚RPQ[XY܂[XXBLML]ZX[X\BY][]ۙ‚RPQY\XY܂[XXB˙XۋB K[X\[^[\KX\][K  KNN ĽBYN MM ĽB^ KNN M͌‚ B