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August Catalog_Layout 1 8/24/16 6:43 PM Page 29 y ed b r r e f Pre s user g n i rn disce FABTRON'S Anot her F abtro ONE- PIECE MOLDED ‘ PROLEAD’USES NO METAL CLAMP Solid Brass Bolt Snap #5502 PRO-LEAD Heavy 5/8 inch x 9 foot Horseman's length with solid brass swivel bolt snap. Molded one piece construction uses no metal clamp! 5/8" Thick Poly Rope No Rough Rope Ends C O N S TR TI ON Pro OLD Lead 3 Colors! N O R T FAB m w Conveniently Hanked! .f a o w Lighter! • w 9 foot Horseman's Length P •M New! Stronger! - N O C LA M ED ONE P IE C C E U Fabtron t! Fabtron is proud to introduce a new, improved-design premium lead... the Pro-Lead. After two years of design and testing, the Pro-Lead is lighter, tougher, softer, stronger, quieter and neater than leads of years past. New elastomeric compounds mold with the polypropylene rope under high pressure. This near 'one piece' construction eliminates the metal clamp and any rough rope ends near the snap while providing a better, more ergonomical fit. The solid brass bolt snap allows easy, one-hand use. R E T E I U Q Molded Elastomeric Construction n Firs b tr o n .c TM ORDER COLORS BY NUMBERS SHOWN PATENT PENDING HORSEMAN’S LENGTH POLY LEADS 5/8" thick - Horseman's length: 9 ft. long FOUR CHOICES OF SNAPS SOLID COLORS 01 Red 02 Blue 5001-A Nickel plated bull snap and crimp COTTON LEADS 1/2"thickCOLORED POLY LEADS 06 Maroon ALL CONVENIENTLY HANKED 5001-B Solid brass bolt snap and crimp 03 Brown 05 Black 5001-F Poly Lead with 30" swivel chain & bolt snap 5001-E Poly Lead with 20" swivel chain & bolt snap 5004 SOLID or Variegated COLOR POLY ROPE LEADS 1/2 inch x 7 feet with brass bolt snap and alligator tooth clamp. 07 Navy 1/2"thick WHITE COTTON LEADS 5010 White, Cotton Rope Lead. 1/2 inch x 7 feet cotton rope with brass bolt snap and alligator tooth clamp. 5012 09 Green 11 Purple 5004 Solid White 5004 Solid Green 5004 Solid Black 5004 Solid Blue 3806 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Maryville, TN 37804 865-982-2321 Toll Free: 800-654-2321 Fax: 865-982-7763 5004 Solid Red www.fabtron.com 26 3/4"thick COLORED COTTON LEADS 5004 Variegated Green & White 5004 Variegated Blue & White 5003 24" Poly Trailer Tie with bull & panic snap 5004 Variegated Red & White 13 Hunter Green 5011 5018 Available in: 1-red, 2-blue, 5-black, 6-maroon, 10-white, 11-purple and 13-hunter green. 5012 5011 5018 COLORED COTTON LEAD COLORED COTTON LEAD COLORED COTTON LEAD 3/4 inch x 10 feet cotton rope with solid brass swivel bolt snap. Laced back on both ends. 3/4 inch x 10 feet 3/4 inch x 10 feet cotton rope with cotton rope with nickel-plated 20" swivel chain bullsnap. Laced & bolt snap. back on both Laced back on ends. both ends. 1 2 5 6 11 13 10