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August Catalog_Layout 1 8/24/16 5:25 PM Page 24 FABTRON'S MATCHING NYLON HEADGEAR HEAVY- DUTY HARDWARE WITH #4104-B 1" NYLON BREAST COLLARS Lined with black 1" wide orthopedic felt! Available in 8 colors. NP-44-B 1" NYLON BOSAL (NOSEBAND) Black Felt-lined. Nickel-plated hardware. Available in 8 colors. NP-31 5/8" NYLON HORSE BRIDLE Custom Nickelplated hardware. Complete with bit, curb strap and split reins. Available in 8 colors. NP-30 5/8" NYLON BROWBAND HEAD S\HX[]Y\\K]Z[XH[ܜ˂ M UKSӂS”RS]X]\]\‚Ӕ LBKSӂӑKQPTPQS\HX[]Y\\K]Z[XH[ܜ˂K[ۂ]ۘ\[X]\]\˂]Z[XH[ܜ˂ L LKSӂSӂTQRSPHRSTTTT]X[ \]Y\\K]Z[XH[ ˜ܜΈY YKۋX [\ܙY[]H[X\ۋ M KSӂURS]X]\ܜ˂]\K [ۈ]X]\]\˂]HHHHH]Z[XH[ܜ[\Y H ‚B LH L‚ M K ”URS‚ M BK ”SRS M K QHӂ M K ͈QHӂ]X[ \]Y۝^\ˈ]Z[XHܜ˂]X[ \]Y][ۘ\[۝^K]Z[XHܜ˂X[ \]Y][ۘ\[۝^K]Z[XHܜ˂X[ \]Y][ۘ\[۝^K]Z[XHܜ˂˙XۋBHY ̈YKۋHX͈X\ۋ›]KLH\K[L[\ܙY[B K[X\[^[\KX\][K  KNN ĽBYN MM ĽB^ KNN M͌‚B