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August Catalog_Layout 1 9/23/16 10:57 AM Page 21 FELT-LINED Black Orthopedic Felt Lined ❑ Standard Versions ❑ Adjustable Versions Black-Felt Standard All American made with premium American materials. Triple-ply construction featuring our patented hole process for neatness. ✓ ✓ Standard Halter - Premium Nylon Web with Black Orthopedic Felt Lining 3/4” Nylon Webbing N3-50F - Mare/Arabian N2-30F - Weanling Pony 1” Nylon Webbing N1115F - Large Horse N8-11F - Standard Horse N5-80F - Small Horse Adjustable Nose and Throat Snap with XܝYX[[[‚XQ[Y\XB8'H[ۈX[“ML HX\K\XX[L HX[[۞Bx'H[ۈX[“LLMP H\HܜB LLP H[\ܜBKN  HX[ܜB[Z][H[ۈ[Hܜ”YYBۂX‚B‚BX\ۂ]BܙY[\B[\ܙY[‚BLBL‚&QԕU0&SӂRSԈӐ“”Bx'H[ۈX[‚]dHX]\BdH]ۘ\dHY\XHB$¸$¸$‚]YS[YX]\Z[X[Y\XBܛۂ LLP H[\ܜB]YS[Y "]YۘX[ LLP H[\ܜB]YS[Y "]YZ[X[]YS[YX]\Z[X[Y\XBܛۂXۈ[ۈ[\\HX\[YYB[8'ܜKYY[x'H[H\]Z[H[\K"]8&\[[HX]HBXX[Hݙ[[H[\]YH8'ٝ8'HX[\[Z][KX]KY]H[ۈZY[Hٝ[^XH8'Y[8'H[XYوHY[X\]BۙKY]\\]\[ܛœ][][\[[X[KY[Y\\[\][Y\[[H[\]B[\Y\Y܈X^[][HYܝ[][H[]Z[[H[Z][HXZ[ JB\]Z\Y܈X]KY]H\K˙XۋBN K[X\[^[\KX\][K  KNN ĽBYN MM ĽB^ KNN M͌‚]ۘ\]ۘ\Y\XBBY\XBB[Z][H[ۂ]Z[XH[Hܜ‚