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August Catalog_Layout 1 8/24/16 5:21 PM Page 15 ROUND BARREL SKIRT BASIC TRAIL SADDLES 14”, 15”, & 16” SEAT ROUGH OUT Padded Seat TREE: Ralide® 13” Front, Semi-Quarter Horse Bars. HORN: Pleasure Horn CANTLE: 4” with 1-1/2” Cheyenne Roll GULLET: 6-1/2” Gullet Width SEAT: Rough out, Extra-Padded RIGGING: 7/8 position, Stainless Steel Dees, Breast Collar Dees TRIM: Nylon Cordura® Fenders, Back Plate and Fleece-Lined Skirt. Leather Padded Stirrups. Leather Reinforced Nylon Stirrup Straps with “Quick Change” Buckles. WEIGHT: Approximately 19 lbs. 7/8 Rigged with Rough Out Seat Cordura®/ Leather Saddle Accessory Package STAINLESS STEEL Riggings 7199 14" Seat Black #70242 - Brown (3 pc. Accessory Pkg.) 7100 14" Seat Brown 7101 15" Seat Black 70202 7102 15" Sea ۂL BMX]X‚L MX]ۂ LYH\\\[YN[ ٙ[] "YH\BUPTHT Mx'H M'HPUTPRSQT”QUYYX]YY]Y]X]QN[Yp L'H۝ [ZKT]X\\ܜH\˂ԓX\\HܛSN 8'H] KLK̸'H^Y[HSU LK̸'H[]YPUY] ^KTYYQSΈ ][ۋZ[\Y[Y\X\\Y\•SN[ۈܙ\p[\X]H[YXKS[Y\ X]\YY\\ˈX]\Z[ܘY[ۈ\\\]8']ZX[x'HX\˂RQ\[X][H ˂H[Y]›وBY]X](X]YYH¸(ٝ\HX(X\HX]Y[˙XۋBL K[X\[^[\KX\][K  KNN ĽBYN MM ĽB^ KNN M͌‚RST”QSY[‚L ŒMHX]XL ŒMX]X‚L MHX]ۂLMX]ۂ