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F ABTRON'S D ECKER L INE OF G ROOMING P RODUCTS, D ISPLAYS & T RAVEL S ETS Decker- the Groomer's Choice! G-36 Extra Soft Aqua Finishing Brush Great around the eyes and ears. 2" trim. G75-6 Decker Steel Curling Comb with wood handle G-35 Stiff Synthetic Rice Root Grooming Brush A real work horse! Great for removing dried mud and manure. 2" trim. #G66-R Decker Steel 6-Bar Mane Comb with wood handle #GS-2000 Decker Professional Grooming Set G-32 Soft Royal Blue Synthetic Bristle Brush Durable polyester fiber - great for finishing, but firm enough to clean. 2" trim. G-90 Stiff Palmyra Fiber Brush with Web Strap Heavy-duty dirt and mud brush, great for general grooming . Stiff natural palmyra. 1 3/8" trim. #G-85 Decker Pocket Grooming Brush with hand strap. 8 pc. set contains: • Spiral Curry Comb • Deep-Massage Curry Comb • Mini Rubber Curry Comb • Mane & Tail Comb • Hoof Pick • Soft Finish Brush • Palmyra Pre-Grooming Brush • Medium Soft Synthetic Brush G93 Decker Horse hair body brush with strap D90-2 Basic 58 pc. Grooming Assortment in Free-Standing Display 58 pc. Free Standing Decker Display Wide range of products with inventory for the beginner to professional groomer. 58 pieces: contains: Six (6) each of G-36, G-32, G-35, G-50 & G- 90 brushes. Eight (8) G-95 brushes. Ten (10) each of G-15S & G-33 curry combs. G-50 Soft Natural Bleached Tampico Brush Bleached WHITE ! Known worldwide as the best finishing bristle available. #GSB-300 G-95 Medium Soft Crimped Synthetic Bristle Brush Excellent all-around brush, 6 3/4" block - great for kids! 1 1/2" trim. www.fabtron.com 58 G-33 Flexible Curry Comb with Web Strap Great for pulling hair, wash rack, and removing dirt. 3806 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Maryville, TN 37804 865-982-2321 Toll Free: 800-654-2321 Fax: 865-982-7763 Decker Travl-A-Long Grooming Set G15-S Spiral Lacquered Spring Steel Curry Comb The only one 'Made in the USA' reversible for shedding or general grooming. 9 pc. set contains: • Zippered Duck Canvas Bag • Spiral Curry Comb • Deep-Massage Comb • Mini Rubber Comb • 9" Mane & Tail Comb • Hoof Pick • Oval Brush with Strap • Soft Synthetic Finish Brush • General Grooming Brush