Fabtron 2018 Fabtron - Page 59

“Gag Bits” are an excellent choice for horses that need a little extra help. #25910: Wonder Gag Bit. 7" stainless steel cheeks, 5" solid sweet iron snaffle mouth “Hackamores” - commonly used by novice riders and trainers to put that finishing touch on horse while working with pressure points. #251110 Chrome Plated Hack with Braided Leather Nose NP-36 3/4" NYLON DOUBLE CHAIN ECONOMY CURB STRAPS #255759: Wonder Gag Bit. 7" stainless steel cheeks, 5" twisted wire snaffle mouth #251000 Stainless Steel Hackamore with Bike Chain with Nickel- plated hardware. Available in 4 colors: Red, Blue, Brown, Black. #254720 Stainless steel wonder gag with 3-pc Topped port mouth, 7" cheeks #251050 Stainless Gag Hack with Leather Wrapped Nose NP-37 3/4" NYLON DOUBLE CHAIN CURB STRAPS #251073: Stop n Turn Bit. Stainless steel stop-n-turn w/rope nose, 5" cheeks #251082 Stainless Steel hackamore, 5" twisted copper-wire mouth with rope nose band, 7" cheeks with Nickel-plated hardware. Available in 8 colors: Red, Blue,