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F ABTRON'S L EATHER R EINS & S TRINGS, W HIPS, B ATS, Q UIRTS, S LAPPERS AND M ORE SINCE 1972 IMPORTED BRAIDED LEATHER PRODUCTS The Right Whip for the Job! #1023 Braided Leather Roping Rein #1025 Braided Leather Split Reins #70400 Leather over & Under #1021 10' Leather Bull Whip with revolving handle #2007 Bull Billy/Tire Thumper, 18" solid fiberglass. Packed 24 per carton. #9615 Leather Saddle Strings #FB-1 Leather Farmer's Bundle 1 LB. Premium heavy harness leather over and under #LPS-20 Pig Slapper, black See the complete line of Fabtron FlipWhips, Crops, Bats and more on page 28. #1020 48" Braided Leather Stockyard Whip #1024 Braided Leather Quirt #1022 24" Braided Leather Riding Bat #LPS-19 Leather Pig Slapper Doggin' Bat C OMPLETE E QUINE B ALANCE T RAINING S YSTEM The "Balance Training System" not only helps develop a proper headset, but it teaches your horse balance at different gaits. With its' use of a unique breeching and caveson unit, the balance training system helps to achieve a corrected headset and focuses on the important development of back and neck muscles. When you use only draw reins, you may achieve a corrected headset but it cannot teach your horse balance and strengthen the back and neck muscles at the same time. # NP-154 Complete includes: Balance Training System, available black only • Surcingle Bit with Hanger This bit with the hanger attached will enable you to achieve a proper fit and will eliminate any interfering jerk or pull from the lunging caveson. • Caveson • Bit with Hanger • Bit Snaps • Bit End Pulleys • Elastic Lines • Breeching www.fabtron.com 3806 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Maryville, TN 37804 865-982-2321 Toll Free: 800-654-2321 Fax: 865-982-7763 51