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S TAnDARD ...the Fabtron “Comfort Fit” line of nylon Halters with ❑ Adjustable Crown 1” nylon Webbing ✓ n1115 - Large Horse n8-11 - Standard Horse n5-80 - Small Horse Patented Hole Process for Uniform Neatness Adjustable Crown Fabtron Nylon Halters are guaranteed the most “horse-friendly” in the equine industry. How? It’s all in the weave! Specially woven in a unique “soft” webbing, our premium, heavy-duty nylon yields a soft and flexible “feel” instead of a stiff and abrasive one. Add to that our computer box and cross stitching at all stress points and cleanly-drilled holes using our patented process and you end up with the halter preferred for maximum comfort and fit while still retaining the premium break strength (6,000 psi) required for heavy-duty use. 3/4” nylon Webbing n3-50 - Mare/Arabian n2-30 - Weanling/Pony n1-20 - Suckling/Miniature 6197 - Foal Premium nylon in 9 Colors 1 Red 6 Maroon 2 Blue 7 Navy 3 Brown 9 Green 5 Black 11 Purple Hunter Green 13 Guarant eed Horse Friendly ! H ALTERS H oT A DjuSTABlES with ❑ Adjustable Crown ❑ Throat Snap ❑ Adjustable nose Fabtron’s Triple-Ply Construction Unique “Soft” High- Strength Nylon Weave Tough Triple-Ply Construction Matching leads with brass plated swivel chain! ✓ ✓ ✓ These are the colors riders want! All American made with premium American materials. Triple-ply construction featuring our patented hole process for neatness. 1” nylon Webbing n8-11B - Standard Horse n5-80B - Small Horse 3/4” nylon Webbing n3-50B - Mare/Arabian Two HoT Colors 14 Pink 15 Lime nP-15 nylon lead 1” x 7’ ft. lead with 20” brass plated swivel chain bolt snap. Available in 10 colors. “Box & Cross” Stitched at Major Stress Points Adjustable Crown Adjustable Nose Throat Snap www.fabtron.com 3806 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Maryville, TN 37804 865-982-2321 Toll Free: 800-654-2321 Fax: 865-982-7763 23