FABLOW AgriLife Issue 27 - Page 5

Goal to Start Exercising More I would like to work out at least 3x a week Save Money I'm going to try to use the cash method. June has used this method in the past, and it worked for her! Be Outside More My goal is to spend at least 20 minutes outside daily. Get back into Running & Getting Creatively Organized I committed to run a 5K relay with my friends, so I need to get back into running. Also, I would love to launch my blog, but I need to get organized. Handle Stress Better & Get on Social Media (work wise) I pick my nails when stressed, so I need to handle stress better . My goal is to get a manicure before February.  Also, I would like to create a social media (Instagram) account for Atascosa AgriLife since I'm not on social media. Listen to our Januar y Challenges & Setti ng Up Successful New Year Resolutions Podcast Episode