FAB issue 05 May 2015 - Page 49



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There is a carve-up of control and power taking place in your workplace, university, or other chosen field. It began in April in a small but significant way and will not be over until January. Allow one situation to stall or reverse, though.

Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in your zone of career, study and non-profit work in May and June, so even though a new set-up must emerge by 2016, with promotions or departures, do factor in waiting games and u-turns right now.

Your former, current or potential partner poses a familiar challenge for you near May 7th, 13th and 29th when you must decide if you want to learn another lesson about crossing the line in the most audacious way, or keeping things as they are.

Your friendship and groups zone is occupied by Venus, Diana and Hygeia so this is a memorable and important month for female allies and feminine people power. One particular involvement will feel more like a relationship to you. Enjoy it.

Try not to add to your internet, multimedia, publishing or other communication issues near 4th May, as it will only make your task harder from June-September. From September 18th, though, there will be no more work or waiting required.


Mercury is retrograde from 4th May to 27th June, so have Plan B with your plans to travel, move, publish, teach, study or commit to foreign people. All these areas of life are ruled by Gemini in your horoscope, where Mercury will backtrack.

Between August 2015 and September 2016 you will gain enormously from an uncredited role behind the scenes on a major plan - or by doing things in secret. The choice is yours, but you will see wonderful early signs and clues in May.

Try not to add to the financial, business, property or non-profit issue near the Full Moon on 4th May as there is already enough to deal with left over from 2014. You will sort this out once and for all from June-September then move on.

The world of babies, children or young adults has presented questions about who controls what, or whom has the power, since April. What began so slowly and quietly will become more insistent in May. A new set-up for 2016 is building.

If it is not babies, children or young adults who have steered you towards questions about the balance of power, it is certainly a lover who could bring a much younger generation into your life. Use your famous gift for balancing acts.


Do not make the toughest financial, business and property cycle in 29 years any harder than it has to be; allow for delays, reversals or other complications in May and June. One paper chain or negotiation process will go backwards and forwards.

You will benefit hugely from a team, group, club or other circle of people from August 2015 until September 2016 with major signs emerging in May. Perhaps you are already involved; if not, you will become part of a new network this spring.

Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of incomplete answers near 4th May, but these will slowly be incorporated into a new approach by 18th May, when you two will begin a new episode in your lives which lasts forever.

If you have an opponent, enemy or rival then the transits in your opposite sign of Taurus may be about this person rather than the former, current or potential partner mentioned above. What feels incomplete helps a fresh start near the 18th.

Take your time when diving up the territory with your relative, flatmate, builder, tenant, property agent or anyone else who is at the heart of questions (since April) about the house, flat, family, household or home town. Allow at least four months.


The conversation with (or about) your partner will go backwards and forwards until the end of June, as you hit the Mercury Retrograde cycle. This also applies to a former or potential partner. Factor in waiting games or communication issues.

You will be promoted, win an award, excel at university, marry up - or nail another outstanding achievement - between August 2015 and September 2016. Everything has to start somewhere and you will take your first steps in May.

Your body is ruled by Taurus in your solar chart, and as this sign is fully occupied this month, you have choices to make. What does not add up for you near 4th May will prompt a search for answers, yet from the 18th you are ready for a new start.

Neptune, Chiron, Vesta and Vulcano are all in your home, property, family and household zone in May. Skip the gender politics with one male who could easily manipulate you and one or more other females. This isn’t Man About the House!

Very close to 25th May you can join forces with another person who sees your money, house, business, flat or non-profit agenda as a matter for both of you. A sensible way to guard the future will be on offer if you want to take up the option.


Venus, Diana and Hygeia in your opposite sign of Cancer describe the kind of relationship you have with your opposite number in life, or even your opponent. A decision is waiting about your partner or your enemy in May and it is important.

There are various issues about your former, current or potential partner to look at. This also applies to anyone who is against you. One of the key factors now is independence. However, near the 25th you must also think about future security.

Don’t necessarily expect everything to go according to plan, or even stick, with your working life, university schedule or non-profit commitments. Between now and the end of June the chance of cancellations, delays or changes is very high.

You will travel more ambitiously, export successfully, move or even emigrate from August 2015 through September 2016. The local contact you need may speak another language or come from a different culture, but in May you will connect.

What happens with a friend or the group near 4th May will foreshadow important decisions from June-September which will finally give you closure on the most demanding cycle in 29 years. That Full Moon will reveal a great deal.


There are clearly huge opportunities or solutions still waiting with your former, current or potential partner, as you will see near May 17th and 31st. If babies, children or young adults are a factor, however, you may want to watch the timing.

Mercury will appear to move backwards in a horoscope zone associated with infants, pregnancy, teenagers and any junior generation this month. Be flexible with plans or paperwork until the end of June as reversals or delays are likely.

You will become much better off financially in the new Jupiter cycle which begins in August this year and extends until September 2016. Alternatively you’ll gain from gifted (or loaned) property or possessions. The situation is set up now.

Between June and September you can get to grips with career, university or non-profit sector issues that will be back on your agenda. Doing this will set you free from the toughest cycle in 29 years. Near 4th May, take notes on what is revealed.

By January 2016 you will be in a completely different space where your name, brand, reputation, image or appearance is concerned. This process began in April and in May it will intensify as you must find out who or what is control of you.


The story with your flatmate, house, relative, flat or home town will change once or twice by the end of June. Read the fine print on paperwork and ask questions about the outcomes with property, should anything change or be held up.

If you are single you will have a terrific opportunity to date, or even become seriously involved with, a new lover (or a better version of the old one) from August this year. Some very early signs will be evident of this new path in May.

If you have problems in your marriage or relationship, then Jupiter the healer and helper will be on hand to steer you in the right direction with counselling, repair work or an amicable split, from August. Use the signs you get now.

Happy couples will pursue intriguing new options with and through their children, young relatives, godchildren or a youth project near May 7th, 23rd, 25th when it should be possible to make a milestone decision about the future.

What does not satisfy you near 4th May also reminds you how hard it can be to study, travel, teach, publish, deal with foreigners - or pursue the internet. Remember what you learn then as it will be useful from June to September.