EZ Way CARES “EZ Way & Children’s Trust Fund, Raise Money for Kids with Football” Yesterday April 27, 2015 EZ Way joined forces with the Chil- dren’s Trust Fund of Los Angeles, to raise money for kids in the “One Child at a Time” program. LA Valley College was the site of a prestigious charity “Celebrity Flag-Football” event. It was a memorable fun-filled day, with a conglomerate of celebrities, media entities, kids, and of course rain. It was fun for everyone. The two Red Carpets, one indoors and one outside, were heavily traversed by dozens of celebrities ranging from children to adults. Disney and Nickelodeon kids were amongst other talented youth who interviewed with Extra, EZ Way, Fan TV and other media outlets. They were accompanied of course by adult celebrities from all walks of entertainment, all for charity. In our quest to give back, EZ Way Broadcasting CEO Eric “EZ” Zuley co-hosted the event with actor Kel Mitchell, to give life, thrills and excitement to the festivities. They raised the roof with energy, antics, hosting, and the help of some very talented youth, which included singers, dancers and cheerleaders. We haven’t gotten to the adults yet because, this was for the kids. Now about those adults, there were actors, actresses, singers, comedians, athletes and some NFL players on the rain soaked field giving it their collective all, for children’s charities. The Blue team won big, but who was counting right? With patchy skies and occasional rain fall, the day was a rousing success, including one unfortunate celebrity dislocated knee for the cause. Interviews were conducted with a plethora of talent including: Eme Ikwuakur from the upcoming movie “Concussion” with Will Smith, Ro Brooks from the OWN, the Futrell Boys, Urban Extreme, Miss Philippine Islands, Maria Melton and many more. EZ Way was honored to get an exclusive interview with Academy Award for Best Actor nominee, Edward James Olmos, who ranks in the hierarchy of actors, and served as one of the highlights of this eventful day. Mr. Olmos had extremely encouraging words for the audience, in both English and Spanish. The Children’s Trust Fund of Los Angeles, has been in existence for over forty five years and is an elite organization in the Foster Care System. When government funding is unavailable, the CTF provides: clothing for special events, replacement prescription glasses, educational field trips, uniforms, equipment for sports/ enrichment activities, and also, special orthodontia and dental services. It’s safe to say that this is a necessary program in the city of Los Angeles. Every child deserves a chance, and each interview conducted consisted of talent lamenting the same message over and over again, which was: To keep pushing, dreaming, believing, striving, pursuing and persevering until you reach your goals. Special thanks to: Casey Thomas, Jackie and her team, Maria Melton, Reginald Rutherford from EXTRA and Edward James Olmos!