“The EZ Way Team” EZ Way Broadcasting is powered by WTV Networks however; a company is only as strong as its team! The EZ Way Team encompasses a myriad of innovative skills, enabling it to stand at the forefront of this new Digital Millennium. Our advertising approach is the most sought after in the Nation. Here are a few members of the EZ Way team you will be hearing much of in 2015. Eric “EZ” Zuley has set groundbreaking standards, for this new Social Media era we are immersed in. His Blog Talk Radio show has amassed a global audience, while his methodology behind the: “Networking Hollywood to Corporate” campaign is the highest in demand formula in the Entertainment Industry. Dante Obligacion offers decades of entertainment reporting and writing in Los Angeles. His family includes Civil Service Workers deeply entrenched in Local LA Politics, primarily the LA Police and Fire Departments, as well as Celebrities. Relatives and extended family members include: Rev Dr. O.C. Smith, Rev Dr. Michael Beckwith, Bernard Parks and Cheryl Lynn to name just a few. Bill Brown brings over twenty years of experience in education, involving the Southern California School Districts, primarily in Orange County. A former liaison for the US Department of Education, Bill has over two decades of Charity and Fundraising experience with The United Way, Skool Music and Education First. Sophia Alvarez is exceptional in her abilities to amalgamate entities completing gargantuan tasks in short periods of time. What she did for the recent Ascent Expo was nothing short of genius. Putting over sixty-five acts on one stage over a three-day period was exemplary and the menagerie that ensued culminated in one of the most successful events we’ve been involved with. EZ Way’s Board members are legendary names such as Larry Namer, Ernie Singleton and Russ Regan to name a few. Partnered with Soul Central Magazine and Genesis Birmingham Radio in the United Kingdom, EZ Way is permeating the social media world with a “bringing corporate to Hollywood” campaign.